• fishproteindavis

    WVU Food Scientists Look at New Protein Powder

    Kristen Matak and Janet Tou, associate professors of human nutrition and foods at WVU, have received a $435,353 grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture to explore the potential of repurposing protein from underutilized fish.

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  • image of Kristin Matak

    Ensuring Our Food Future

    Kristen Matak is working with food scientist colleagues at West Virginia University to increase the proportion of food from a fish that has so far proven to be a total nuisance.

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  • Touansnewx

    A Year of WVU Women in STEM:
    Finding the Nutrition in Our Food

    Janet Tou's mom saw food science and nutrition in her daughter's future. "She would say she was positive I would go into food science or nutrition because of the way I would study my food instead of eat it as a child," Tou says, jokingly.

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